Agricultural Solar

Harvest the power of the sun for your ranch or farm

Become energy independent

From family-run farms to full-scale agricultural operations, we serve the farming and ranching communities of San Luis Obispo County and the Central Valley to help them achieve energy independence, reduce costs and provide long-term sustainability.

Is solar energy a good fit for your farm or ranch

With so many variables in an agricultural setting, we understand that making the transition from traditional energy sources to solar power can be overwhelming. Our professionals consider all aspects of your operation to determine the options that best fit your individual farming or ranching situation. With available financing options and a 30% federal tax credit going solar is more affordable.

Harvesting the power of the sun will

Reduce your monthly utility bills

$ $

Control energy costs

Take advantage of solar-power incentives

Increase your property value

Reduce your environmental impact while promoting sustainability


Let Cal Paso Solar Electric show you the options that will fit your individual farming or ranching situation. Our sales staff will meet with you at your farm or ranch, or in some cases, we can assess your solar power needs right from our office. Contact us today to schedule your FREE energy analysis!


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