Government Solar

Government agencies at all levels can protect natural resources while taking advantage of unmatched credit to create projects that are affordable solutions to the region’s growing energy demands.

From schools to city hall, public projects are the perfect opportunity to consider solar installations as a means to maximize resources. As governments continue to tighten their budgetary belts in an effort to cut spending, solar installations remain at the forefront of long-term cost savings ability. These projects can be as large as entire naval bases or military installations, or as small as your local elementary school or social services office.
  • Taxpayers are assured that with Cal Paso Solar Electric, they’re not only getting the service and quality they’ve grown to trust, but the accountability that comes along with being a locally-owned and operated business.
    Jim Shepard, CEO

Here at Cal Paso Solar, we understand the unique and diverse needs of government agencies at all levels spanning the entire Central California region, from the Central Valley in Bakersfield and Fresno to the coastal cities of San Luis Obispo County. As taxpayers ourselves, we understand the value of promoting cost savings and a proactive public image that’s dedicated to efficiency in a region committed to cutting-edge solutions. Solar projects could be just the cost-cutting measure needed to enhance many public works projects or facilities by reducing federal and state electricity bills for:

  • Schools
  • Parking lots
  • Parks
  • City Hall
  • Libraries

As communities continue to grow and revitalize across the Central Coast, incorporating solar power into community development projects at the local level will likely continue to remain at the forefront of public discussion. Cal Paso Solar Electric has the knowledge necessary to ensure a smooth collaboration between government staff, contractors and stakeholders while holding accountability and transparency at the forefront of any public works project. We have experience in permitting and inspecting, working alongside local, regional, state and federal government agencies during all phases of a project with just the kind of local accountability that taxpayers expect.


We offer a free analysis of your home or business and a written estimate. Our sales staff will meet with you at your home or business, or in some cases, we can assess your solar power needs right from our office. All that is required is a single PG&E statement showing your account and meter information to provide a complete analysis of your needs and accurate pricing for your system. Please use the contact form or call our office for more information or to schedule your free energy analysis!